Meet Dan Corsentino.

Determined to meet the need for professional, ethical, and confidential criminal and civil investigations, Dan Corsentino works with - and often employs - some of the industry's leading experts in the areas of safety, security,  technology, homeland security, infrastructure assessments, forensics, and tactical issues related to personal and corporate safety concerns.

A former police chief and four-term publicly-elected sheriff, Dan Corsentino has provided experience, knowledge and leadership to Southern Colorado for more than twenty years. As sheriff, Dan was responsible for a 300-member law enforcement agency with a $20 million annual budget. As Chief of Police in Fountain, Colorado, he worked diligently to advance the organization toward best police practices at a national level. [ read more ... ]

Custody Investigations

The main concern of every judge in any court who listends to cases regarding child custody is the welfare of the child.

In Colorado, which is a no-fault divorce state, the custody of a child is usually a shared decision by the court and the involved parents.

The exception surfaces when ther is reasonable suspicion to believe on parent of the other is placing the child in harm’s way. This occurs through on or a combination of different abuses.


I am both amused and sadden by how many business owners are the target of a claim made by a employee (past or present) or a customer or client that suggests a violation of their rights, an improper practice or a procedure violation that took place while interacting with a individual representing the business or the business itself. Immediately, the owner, CEO, or president of the company calls their attorney who in turn asks, "What does your policy and procedures say?" Surprised and often dumbfounded - no one knows!

Your policy manual must be a living document. It must represent the present practices of the business organization. That means it cannot represent “the way we used to do it.” It must define what operational practices are taking place now. It is required to be in compliance with any and all Federal employment law .

Why do you need me?


…why would you investigate a contentious issue inside your organization yourself? It makes very little sense to have to defend an investigation that was conducted by management or employees in your own organization. The courts are much more favorable toward issues that are reviewed and investigated by objective third parties; especially in the area of employment law.

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